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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Please come see me and my new goals, challenges, etc on my new blog page!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh My GOSH!!

I got so into training and the rest of life I forgot to POST!

Okay so last week I finished out my running schedule a little late. I ran on Sunday afternoon, for fun at an easy pace. 4 miles... felt unusally tired.

Note: since the cleanse my hypothyroidism/pituitary issues have kicked up and I am seriously battling fatigue along with the other symptoms involved. grrr. But hopeful that I will be able to resolve this by Friday with SOME direction to go in.

Monday I ran an easy 2 1/5... crunched for time. DH had to go get firewood... and daylight dies quick now. It was a nice run though. Despite the muscle fatigue that is kicking up. grrrr. The extra sleep in the morning is not helping... so I'm not sleeping extra in the am anymore... it doesn't help and it cetainly doesn't help my schedule.

Tuesday... was the last sleep in day. ANd folks, I'm the mom of 7... so sleeping in for me may not constitute as sleeping in for others - but that ain't the point. I am usually an early bird!

So tomorrow running in the pm and yoga in the am is the plan!

Sorry I was so late posting. Silly me, life kind of got in the way. I will do better!

Sweat on! And have a terrific day!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Day off from running - it's a great day to try something new!! I've mentioned before my interest in learning more about Belly Dancing... well, I found out a friend of mine is a closet belly dancer... with DVDS!!! So She lent me the introduction dvd to the GoddessWorkout! Whooo!

I've been thinking about the belly dance because it is a great cardio workout - once you get the moves - but also it is a terrific target workout for the abs!!! There is soooo much control and strength involved in belly dancing it's not funny. So... I did the intro dvd this am! It was tough... It's gonna take me a while to get the moves down. Although I was rather pleased with myself and the Shimi... I remembered how to do that from my single/childless days. I need to build up endurance with it but I know how to do it. YAY me.

No running today, but I did learn something new, and get a little sweat flowing, and had a little fun! Try a little something new, right? Loving life!!

Sweat on!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I believe the cleanse is doing something for my mind as well as my body. Day 7 today of the cleanse... Day 5 and 6 were a little emotional. Nothing over the top, but things were a little more touching than usual. Those were the days of dealing with the runner's knees as well, which BTW is now much better - so the run today is ON.

Day 7 - well I'm just feeling like I'd like some quiet time to look at a lake, stare at an ocean or sunset and let things just settle in my mind. Everything is go go go all the time here... I mean have you ever heard "outta bed your feet hit the floor running"? Well, that's what it's like - and you run and run and run till your head hits the pillow... which means I'm snuck awakes for a while after because my brain doesn't just switch off. I know people who have minds like that! Not me.

I'd like to take some time and lay in the grass and watch the clouds in some quiet atmosphere... not a house with 7 children, ha ha ha. So today the girls helped me try a few new cookie recipes (Gluten Free)- gotta see which ones worked before the Holidays hit... and yes, I'm into fitness that means everything is made from scratch and is very healthy... but I'm not into deprivation. Baking with your daughters is a joy... but not if it's something they don't actually want to eat. We can make cookies for others - but they better taste good before we inflict them on someone else.

So we have been in the kitchen makes lots of stuff - enjoying the time and company. But now it's time to stop - put certain little ones down for a nap so mom can milk the cow - so mom can go run tonight. so so so... Looking for that time when I can just sit, and decompress. May not happen today. But I think it will. Maybe it's today's run. Maybe I'll study the stars tonight. I don't know. But I feel more peaceful today for whatever reason and I find myself liking it. I'd like to learn to meditate if that is what it takes to have this feeling more often... what do you think?


Tuesday was an extra day of rest due to newly developed runner's knee. I ran "hurt" - I was still drained, and too sore for the full out run I did Monday... and paid for it. "Hurt" means unready to run again and running anyway... sometimes it's a good thing - like for a race, or competition when you are not going to do yourself permanent damage... but for practice it was just ignorance (dumb if I do it again). So live and learn. Been to the chiro, because running like that caused my hip to go out and my meck again - until that point all was great! So now I'm aligned again and ready for my run today. 3-4 miles... Then this Saturday I think there is a race in town, that I may participate in, it's not longer than 10K. It would be nice to get the feel of running in an organized gig again before my real 1/2 marathon. So I'm looking for more info.

This am Yoga, and stretching with my 6 yr old daughter - who taught me the ballet stretching they do. She forgot the "smelly toes one", but we did the Frog stretch, dipping toes in the water, and all the others. The kiss your knees ones niether of us understand the purpose of - so I intend to ask nxt class time. Yoga was a lot of Sun Salutes, plank, dolphin, etc.

A little weight lifting in the arms and back. All the running is great for my legs and rear, but it doesn't do anything for the upper body. So I need to pay more attention to that. Twice to three times a week I will make sure I do the weights/strength training.

Looking forward to my run!! Thanks for reading!! Sweat on!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I am learning valuable lessons in recovery. Last Sat when I ran the 12.4 m I took an icy shower, ate, then napped for 45 minutes - eactly what you're supposed to do after a much longer run than usual, or a race. But this week I am still feeling sore, and my leg muscles are a little fatigued still. SO - Yesterday I ran my 3 miles. I ran too fast... when I got home I ws hurting... so icy BATH for 15-20 minutes, then quick hot shower. ATE. This morning I needed to ice my knees before really getting up... which has messed with the schedule, but I'll survive.

Ths morning, after icing the knees and taking a little pain med, Free Flow Yoga!! Not too much, though. I worked out for roughly an hour, maybe a little less. STRETCHED a lot in this workout. I am so aware of my legs right now - it's very empowering, actually. As I pull in my banhdas I can feel their increased strength... NICE.

Not losing any weight right now. Not surprising with the intense training that I'm doing. But increasing in strength, and I am still getting smaller even though the scale doesn't show it. After the 1/2 I plan on taking a week or two off training to recoop. Not stop running, just knock it back a bit to get a feel for where I really am. Then get back into it. I think I have found a marathon in Jan nearby to participate in. Very exciting stuff. So I'll make an effort to align my training with that date. And there are obstacles with this... winter... loads of snow and ice where I live... problem solving. hmmmm.

Great day ahead! Looking forward to tomorrow when I run again. YAY!

Sweat on!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Yesterday rested up and watched conference! YAY!

This morning - Free Flow Yoga! Focussing more on stretching than strength - BUT did a little ab work with pilates, and some weights with the arms. So a little of everything, but not pushing myself too hard... legs still fatigues after last Sat's run... but feeling good!

Sweat on!!